what is snej.de?

It’s a domain which I use for my personal purposes. E.g. to run this home page.

who are you?

Hello, World! I’m Jens Wirth. I live near Hanover in Germany. Interestingly, I have only one frontal sinus. I neither know why that is nor why I’m writing this here. The main thing is that you always know where your towel is. So, don’t panic!

how to contact you?

Feel free to drop me a line my mail to jw@snej.de. To ensure our both privacy you are welcome to use my gpg public-key. If you don’t know about public-key cryptography then please learn about it here.

If you are a radio amateur: My call is DL7JEW. The QTH is JO42sj. I’m interested in worldwide QRP communication on HF using the JT65 protocol.

Also, I do have a postal address:
Jens Wirth
Friesenstr. 10
30926 Seelze (OT Gümmer)